Here is a Professional Titanium Sporting Goods OEM Manufacture. Now we are cordially introducing our New Product Line------
Hand made Sea-SwordDiving Knife Series made of
α+ β Titanium alloy and New High Strength-High Toughness military grade β Titanium alloy.

Nowadays most of the Titanium Diving Knives in the Market are made of α+ β Titanium alloy. These knives normally have the hardness around HRC35 with the feature of good toughness.

However, high-level professional Divers have higher demanding. They require the Diving knives have as high hardness as possible but still keep the sufficient Toughness simultaneously in order not to be troubled by the frequent edge re-sharpening.

To reach this market demanding, we apply the Latest Aviation Industry Research Result, T-DL, A New High Strength-High Toughness β Titanium alloy, to the New Generation of Diving Knives. The Outstanding feature is that with keeping the Sufficient Toughness, their hardness can be adjusted between HRC47 and HRC54 by selecting different parameters of our Specific Heat Treatment.

Our Goal to do business: No matter you are a Diver in which Group, we will always be trying our best to enable you have the Right Sea-Sword that fits you!

OEM / ODM  are  welcome; solicit for general agent from various nations.